Supplies Chipset for GCT and LTE-supported AI Speakers

Joint development with Anapass. Improvement of security for telecommunication data (2017.12.08, the bell, Money Today)

GCT Semiconductor (hereinafter GCT) and AnaPass expand into the LTE-based AI speaker market.

GCT announced on the 8th that it has launched an AI speaker product with guarantees of wireless data transmission and mobility under an LTE environment by loading products with the smart IoT chipset (GDM7243V), jointly developed with AnaPass.

The chipset (GDM7243V) built into the AI speaker combined with GCT’s verified LTE communication modem and AnaPass’ multimedia application processor (AP) can be applied to AI and variously diversified smart loT end products.

It can support the latest Android OS and relevant applications, AI development environment, etc. by utilizing not only LTE Cat4 communication, but also the internal Quad core and GPU. This chipset is evaluated to have increased security for communication and data by loading separate security engines as well as by being capable of supporting GPS, BLE, WiFi, etc. on its own.

GCT and AnaPass are expecting that GDM7243V will become the best solution for AI and smart loT end products, for which the market scale is forecasted to increase rapidly in the future.

Mr. Alex Sum, the vice president of GCT in charge of marketing, commented that, “Although global corporations such as Amazon and Google, etc. have already launched AI speakers, this is the first product that has employed LTE,” and that, “It will markedly improve user convenience by guaranteeing LTE-based mobility and stable communication.”

Meanwhile, products loaded with the ‘GDM7243V’ chipset are expected to launch in the near future, as they have already been adopted by overseas end-unit manufacturers.