AnaPass Commenced Mass Production of the First IC for Mobile Units

Supplying to Chinese customers... ”It will be the foundation for mid- to long-term business diversification and improvement of performance.” (2018.05.16, the bell, Money Today)

AnaPass will begin to mass produce IC for mobile panels.

AnaPass disclosed on the 16th that the company will be manufacturing and supplying the ‘TED (TCON Embedded Driver) IC chipset,’ which is a core component for operation of the mobile active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) panel in smartphones.

AnaPass’ mobile TED IC will be mass produced and applied to the 5.95-inch AMOLED display panel with WQHD (1440 x 2560) resolution for supply to its client company in China.

AnaPass presented its mobile TED IC and memory IC chipset technology at the ‘Society for Information Display (SID) 2017,’ the world’s largest academic society specializing in displays. The technology has made contributions towards the realization of ultra-slim, bezel-less design by reducing the chipset size while improving the transmission speed and power consumption compared to existing memory interfaces. This has been achieved due to the high performance and low-power consumption memory interface and operating IC technology for mobile displays. The company has secured price competitiveness through the simplification of the TED IC structure.

AnaPass is looking forward to gradual and increased expansion of the mobile TED IC chipset given the increased employment of AMOLED panels and current demands for △ high image quality, △ high resolution, and △ enlargement of the smartphone display.

An interested party stated that, “Since the majority of our sales revenue is generated with products for the LCD-LED TV panel, the sales have been influenced by the recent sluggishness of the overall industry,” and that, “The launching of the first product in the area of mobile AMOLED panels with high potential for growth will establish a foundation for mid- to long-term business diversification and increased sales revenue.” He added that, “It will lead to the continued growth of the company, along with a recovery in the sales of products for LCD and LED TV panels in the future.”