AnaPass·SDC Jointly Announced the Release of Their Mobile Display Technology

thereby securing mobile display memory and operating IC competitiveness (2017.06.23, the bell, Money Today)

AnaPass and Samsung Display (SDC) jointly introduced a new concept for mobile display technology.

AnaPass announced on the 23rd that the company has jointly presented a thesis with Samsung Display related to mobile display memory interfaces and operating ICs at the ‘Society for Information Display (SID) 2017,’ the world’s largest academic symposium specializing in displays, held recently in the USA.

The thesis was about the “innovative memory interface technology that can be applied to mobile display products and the structure of display operating IC (Driver IC) with price competitiveness through the use of said technology.”

The memory interface that AnaPass and Samsung Display jointly introduced has markedly improved transmission speeds and reduced power consumption compared to existing DDR or LPDDR memory interfaces. The number of memory interface pins has been reduced to 1/3 the amount in existing products, while the size of the operating IC has also been reduced by about 20-30%. Many expectations are focused on this product since it can make substantial contributions towards improving the cost of the IC and panel module, as well as realize the ‘bezel-less’ design.

An interested party of AnaPass stated that, “The memory interface technology with its new concept and the display operating IC structure through application of this technology is an optimized solution for the smartphone display area with its trend towards high image quality and resolution, and increasing size. As such, it will be recognized as an innovative technology.”