AnaPass·SDC Publicly Disclosed Its Smart Display.

Grafted GCT IoT solution·· Jointly·introduced at IFA2017 (2017.09.06, the bell, Money Today)

AnaPass jointly introduced its loT-based public display (PID) with Samsung Display (SDC) and GCT Semiconductor (GCT).

AnaPass disclosed that it has showcased its loT technology-based smart public display (PID) system at the ‘Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2017,’ the largest household appliance and electronics expo in Europe, which is being held in Berlin, Germany since the beginning of this month.

With the application of loT technology, this system is capable of recognizing the voices and movements of people, and of operating diversified android-based applications in the public display. Through the provision of support for voice and motion recognition to the system connected through the wireless internet, users can execute diversified android-based applications such as △ virtual fittings, △ health checks, △ schedule management, △ access real-time news, △ weather information, and traffic information, etc. in a large-sized display.

Not only has the display control and Android solutions of AnaPass been grafted onto this system, but it also uses GCT’s wireless IoT solution.

AnaPass is expecting that it will be possible to markedly widen the range of use and content operation compared to existing public displays by applying the wireless and interactive real-time communication format to this system.

An interested party of AnaPass disclosed that, “The PID to which the universal operating system-based IoT has been applied is the optimal solution for expandability of the operational convenience and range of use,” and that, “The PID will be able to perform innovative functions as a Smart Hub.”