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A New World Is Ahead of Us
as We Welcome the Dawning of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

AnaPass is developing innovative technologies and products that can be applied to OLED displays as we enter the 4th industrial revolution and 5G era, thanks to continuous R&D and investment.

Our lives will undergo marked changes in the future through the various technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), big data, etc.

AnaPass is focusing on 5G technology, for which hyper-speed, hyper-connectivity, and ultra-low latency are possible, since it will be a core technology that will lead the 4th industrial revolution. 5G, with its transmission speeds 10-fold faster than that of 4G, will induce substitution of the existing wired network with a wireless network, as well as create an enormous increase in the number of devices that can simultaneously connect to wireless networks due to its hyper-connectivity. It will be possible to use autonomous vehicles, VR, and AR without difficulty in a 5G environment due to the extremely fast response rate.

From the perspective of displays, OLED has been optimized for smartphones, VR, and AR in the 5G era.  The OLED display has better color reproduction, a quicker response rate, and lower power consumption than LCD screens, and can even be bent and folded. With OLED displays and the hyper-speed of the 5G network reducing technological limitations such as communication speed and capacity, users will be able to view high resolution (4K/8K) and high capacity content in real-time with a highly enhanced and augmented sense of reality.

The differentiated technological capabilities of AnaPass are expected to shine even in the area of mobile OLED displays because we have special technology that can reduce panel manufacturing costs and create bezel-less designs, while maximizing the advantages of OLED displays.

With the emergence of the 4th industrial revolution and the 5G era, we shall strive to achieve continued growth through our innovative technological capabilities and by creating the best products.

Company History


Feb. Selected and awarded a prize for being an outstanding cooperative company of Samsung Display
May. Announcement of mass production of TED (TCON EMBEDDED DRIVER IC) chipsets for mobile AMOLED panels


Mar. Selected and awarded a prize for being an outstanding and innovative cooperative company of Samsung Display
May. Announcement of technology for memory interface for use in SID2017 mobile displays
Nov. Commencement of supply of smart IoT chipsets, jointly developed with GCT Semiconductor, Inc. (world’s first smart IoT chipsets for LTE-supported AI speakers)


Apr. Acquisition of preferential stock for the issuance of new stocks for GCT Semiconductor, Inc.


Jun. Received technology innovation-type small and medium business (INNO-BIZ) certification


Oct. Commencement of mass production of 240HZ 3D TV TCON products


Oct. Commencement of mass production of 240HZ 3D TV TCON products


Mar. Registration as a supplier of components to Samsung Electronics
Dec. Commencement of mass production of 240HZ LCD/LED TV TCON products


Aug. Completion of the development of the IT TCON product


Jan. Registration as a supplier of components to LG Electronics (commencement of mass production of mobile products)
Jun. Announcement of SID2006 AiPi; received the Best Distinguished Paper Award
Aug. ISO 9001 Certification
Sept. ISO 14001 Certification


Oct. Developed AIPI CORE for display panels


Feb. Development of the WIDE BANDWIDTH LVDS CORE for display panels
Mar. Changed the company name to AnaPass, Inc.


Jan. Venture company certification


Nov. Establishment of Anachips, Inc.

Quality Policies


Quality Plans

Pursuing utmost customer satisfaction by supplying products with the highest quality and value, as well as by innovatively meeting the needs of our customers.


Accomplish 100% of customer sales goals

1. Achieve 100% compliance rate for the development schedule
2. Achieve 100ppm for customer quality
3. Achieve 7-day T.A.T. for processing customer complaints
4. Achieve 100% compliance rate for delivery
5. Achieve 90% appropriateness rate for internal evaluation


Environmental Policies

Comply with the following environmental policies to ensure the best customer satisfaction, environmental preservation, and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.

1. Convey our company policies to our staff and related organizations, and confirm they understand the policies to ensure efficient environmental management.
2. Make efforts towards continuous environmental improvement activities and prevention of pollution.
3. Comply with the applicable domestic and international environmental laws and requirements of the parties associated with our company.
4. Set and continuously manage environmental goals and detailed targets.



1. Continuous management of the ISO 14001 System
2. Energy reduction
3. Reduction in waste matter
4. Comply with environmental laws

Company Location