A New World Is Ahead of Us
as We Welcome the Dawning of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

AnaPass, incorporated in 2002, is putting forth its utmost efforts to become a leading global semiconductor company through continuous technology innovation and R&D. We have developed competitive technology for high-speed signal transmission and SoC design, and we are manufacturing and supplying innovative SoC products.

AnaPass is putting forth its utmost efforts to develop products capable of displaying high resolution and transmitting high-capacity video content through the high-speed 5G network. This technology resolves technological limits such as transmission speed and capacity on large displays and mobile displays, boasting low power consumption and quick response time.

Products Information

Mobile Display Solutions

A core semiconductor that operates and controls smartphone display panels

Large Display Solutions

A core semiconductor that controls timing and processes image data for operation of display panels

Innovative Display Solutions

A core semiconductor specialized for innovative displays


Investment Information

We shall put forth our utmost efforts in honor of the precious investment of our stockholders, for the benefit of all.





Career Information

Venture Spirit

Competent personnel who dedicate their passion to becoming the best based on a spirit of challenge, creative thinking, and diversified experience to become ‘The First, The Best.’


Competent personnel capable of considering the value of their given role and performance, and continuously creating the values thereof.


Competent personnel who consider ‘we’ first and who are able to work harmoniously with others. Competent personnel capable of establishing consensus with others and fostering appropriate discussion and agreement.

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