Develop Innovative Products for High-speed Interfaces and SoC Circuit Design with the Best Technological Capabilities.

Products Information

Mobile Display Solutions

AnaPass is designing and manufacturing products based on our high-speed signal transmission technology and SoC circuit design technology. On the foundation of these technologies, we are creating and supplying semiconductor products specialized for mobile devices.

The TCON Embedded Driver IC is a core semiconductor that operates and controls smartphone display panels, and is commonly referred to as TED. TED (TCON Embedded Driver IC), built as a single IC by combining a TCON (Timing Controller) composed of 2 existing ICs and D-ICs (Driver IC), is a semiconductor specialized for mobile display with marked advancement in the degree of integration, transmission speed, and power consumption.

TED plays the role of operating the display panel by integrating the functions of the panel timing control, memory, source driver, power control, LTPS, gamma, etc.

Not only due to trends towards high resolution, high scanning rates, high performance, and enlargement in size, but also due to the addition of various compensation algorithms and functions for smartphone displays, the size of the logic and memory built into the TED IC is increasing rapidly, thereby exerting greater pressure on the cost of the chipset.

Our company holds differentiated TED IC design technology capable of large-capacity memory processing without increasing the chipset size by markedly improving the transmission speed and power consumption. As such, we are helping to improve the price of TED IC, and the cost of the panel module with our bezel-less design and other technological capabilities.


Large Display Solutions

The TCON (Timing Controller) is an IC that delivers the video signal from the AP (Application Processor) to the Driver-IC. The transmission speed of the TCON and Driver-IC is increasing rapidly in accordance with the demands of consumers wanting ultra-high image quality and resolution in the 5G era. Accordingly, AnaPass is leading the development of high-speed signal transmission technology specialized for intra-interface of TCON and Driver-ICs.

The high-speed signal transmission technology of AnaPass is leading the market by creating the standard for the related technologies by dramatically reducing power consumption while stably transmitting the video signal with 8K QUHD Resolution.


Innovative Display Solutions

AnaPass is developing and supplying core semiconductors specialized for innovative display products including Automotive, Premium Monitor, High-end Tablet Display, VR/HMD Display, Smart PID/DID, etc. We are realizing ultra-high resolution by stably and efficiently transmitting hyper-speed video data in the 5G era.