Num Date Document Registrant
10 2020/04/09 [Investment Caution] The issue excessively purchased by a few accounts in the most recent 15 trading days Anapass, Inc.
9 2020/03/24 Organization of Investor Relations Event Anapass, Inc.
8 2020/03/24 Outcome of Annual Shareholders` Meeting Anapass, Inc.
7 2020/03/19 Decision on Entering into Trust Contract for Acquisition of Treasury Stocks Anapass, Inc.
6 2020/03/12 Designation of overheated short-selling issues (applied by a restriction on short-selling) Anapass, Inc.
5 2020/03/12 [Investment Caution]small number of branches being focused on Anapass, Inc.
4 2020/03/10 Submission of Audit Report Anapass, Inc.
3 2020/03/04 Decision on Calling Shareholders` Meeting Anapass, Inc.
2 2020/03/04 30% or More Change in Sales or Profit/Loss(15% or more in the case of large-scale corporations) Anapass, Inc.
1 2020/01/09 Decision on Provision of Collateral for Others Anapass, Inc.